Discovery Membership – Alumni Program

If you’ve taken at least one of our courses, you qualify to enroll in our Alumni Program. We are committed to helping you be successful in your surface design business and understand how important it is to have access to support and an infrastructure that helps you present your work to clients in a professional way.

The Discovery bundle provides you with access to monthly group coaching calls, offline Q&A support, and a full profile in our Artonomo-Based database. This system allows you to present your work to clients in a professional and streamlined way and to leverage from the compounding effect of sending clients to a common licensing database to search for new work.

The ALPS team will continue to feature new work on social media and newsletters.

One Time Payment

1 year of access

Monthly Payment

1 year of access

This Membership Includes

Portfolio on Artonomo-based System

  • Public Artist Profile on our website using our Artonomo-based system
  • Private Portfolio accessible only to registered clients
  • Ability to add and categorize work which was not created in our workshops
  • ALPS participation in the Showcase April 2022 Show
  • Note: We reserve the right to curate submitted information and artwork


  • Access to our monthly group Q&A calls
  • Access to offline Q&A support


By signing up for this membership, you give Blue Mesa Designs Inc the following rights:

  • The right to present the artwork uploaded to the site with respect to the licensing of the artwork to third party licensees in the territory worldwide.
  • The right to present and negotiate licensing arrangements with third party licensees. All third-party license agreements shall, however, be in the name of the Artist, and shall be approved and executed by the Artist.
  • Artist shall have the right to reject any offer that Agent is able to secure if Artist deems the offer to be unacceptable. Artist will respond to Agent’s request for approval of an offer within ten (10) business days.
  • In the event that Licensing Agreement is reached, the Artist agrees to sign an Artist/Agent agreement with Blue Mesa Designs Inc for the licensed works which will include the following compensation statement:
    • COMPENSATION. Compensation for sales, licenses, and new business obtained, secured and executed by Blue Mesa Designs Inc (Agent) shall be rendered in the following manner: In consideration for the services rendered by Agent with regards to licensing, the Artist agrees to and shall pay Agent a Commission of Fifty Percent (50%) of the Gross Revenues received from the Licensee(s) and/or third-party licensees.

If you already have an artist/agent agreement with our company, that agreement supersedes the terms listed above.