Mentorship Membership – 1 Year Surface Design Internship

We’ve developed a year-long program for those of you who are looking for a framework that enables you to create work for licensing clients on a regular basis, learn the basics of the licensing business, obtain coaching support from industry professionals, gives you access to an enterprise level portfolio management system, and helps you promote your work.

One Time Payment

1 year of access

This plan includes a quarterly consulting call.

Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments
1 year of access

This Membership Includes

Start Your Surface Design Business Course by Elizabeth Silver

  • We are offering Elizabeth Silver’s “Start Your Surface Design Business” Course as part of our mentorship membership!!!
  • This course is full of excellent instruction about the licensing business, and we consider it a base of knowledge every surface designer should have.

Portfolio Building Workshops

  • Three “Get the Advantage: Client Workshops”
  • “Get Ready for Agency Representation” Workshop

Artonomo-based Portfolio

  • Public Profile on our website using our enterprise-level Artonomo portfolio management system
  • Private portfolio accessible only to approved registered clients
  • Note: we reserve the right to curate content submitted


  • Group coaching calls
  • offline Q&A support

Co-development Project

  • One co-development project with Lisa Larsen which will be represented by Lisa Larsen Studio for one year.