Four Seasons Workshop

This workshop focuses on creating art suitable for licensing with a topic of “The Four Seasons”.

Course Information


Course Instructor

Lisa Larsen Lisa Larsen Author


1 year of access

If  you just want to participate in the workshop and not submit to our website, this Four Seasons Workshop is FREE!  We’d love it if you would tag us with #artlicensingportfolio if you post the work to social media so we can see it! 🙂 


Marketing Fee

1 year of access

If you would like to submit your work for consideration to be included in our class gallery, lookbook, social media, and newsletters, there is a nominal $5 fee to process your work (and sadly, to avoid spam). We’d love to see what you create and help you get it seen by others, so we hope you’ll think a $5 fee is fair!