ALPS Workshops

For practicing and aspiring surface designers, ALPS offers a series of workshops intended enhance your portfolio and help you navigate the ropes of the art licensing industry. We also offer coaching and a portfolio management infrastructure through our Memberships.

The Licensing Advantage Course – New!!!

Are you a surface designer or illustrator who wants to get better at finding licensing clients? I made this short course just for you!

Portfolio Building Workshops

See workshops here.

Artist Portfolios

Discovery (Alumni Program) and Mentorship members have access to a public artist profile page which includes a photo, short bio, brand book, and a gallery of portfolio category images. Below each category, there is a private page with portfolio items which can only be viewed by approved registered clients.

We are working with the enterprise Artonomo platform which provides a professional and streamlined portfolio framework which clients can search.

Example Public Artist Profile Below (Can also add a Brand Book)

Example of Private Portfolio Page

Social Media Presence

We share selected work on our Instagram and Facebook pages. After all, we want people to see what you are creating!

Personalized Coaching

Sometimes we need an extra push, another set of eyes, a helping hand. We provide a limited number of memberships which include personalized coaching and additional marketing and representation.