ALPS Workshops

For practicing and aspiring surface designers, ALPS offers a series of workshops intended enhance your portfolio and help you navigate the ropes of the art licensing industry.

Portfolio Building Workshops

Current workshop registration

Our artist workshop program consists of a series of workshops which artists can join to create new portfolio work based on a brief that is provided each month. The briefs contain information about the marketplace, design practices, as well as a topic to center the work around. Your submissions are available for the public to view in our class galleries (New in 2021!). An example of a public workshop submission gallery can be seen here.

Monthly Look-Book Collections

For those who are looking for a hand in having their work shown to potential clients, we offer a plans which provide various levels of marketing and representation as well as individual consulting and coaching.

Each month, we select work submitted by our Discovery+ members and create a Look-Book with a theme, post it on our ALPS website, and send newsletters to our client list.

Artist Profile Page

Discovery+ members have access to a public artist profile page which includes a photo, short bio and a gallery of portfolio images from workshop submissions.

Mentorship members have additional private gallery sections which can be shared with specific clients.

Social Media Presence

We share selected work on our Instagram and Facebook pages. After all, we want people to see what you are creating!

Personalized Coaching

Sometimes we need an extra push, another set of eyes, a helping hand. Lisa provides a limited number of memberships which include personalized coaching and additional marketing and representation.

How do you Join?

Because we believe that success comes with consistency, we bundle our packages in year-long memberships at discounted prices. You can pay once or select a payment plan.

You may access several of our portfolio building workshops a-la-carte – no membership required.

To see our current offerings, visit our course catalog.

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*Note: A-la-carte workshops only qualify for our public workshop galleries. If you are interested in additional marketing and advertising options, please look at our Discovery & Mentorship bundles.