Cabin Life Greeting Cards

Artist: Jenny Goring

Artwork Name: Cabin Life Greeting Cards

Artwork Description: 

Hello, Lisa!

Thank you so much for giving me extra time to get these done. I tried really hard to incorporate the suggestions you gave me in our last mentoring phone call, and I welcome any feedback you have.

I focused on:

  • Creating Full Scenes
  • Including lots of details so these images can be used in Puzzles and Fabrics as well
  • Drawing everything in layers so it can be manipulated later
  • Choosing fonts which I think work with my style, then collaging the text
  • Trying to create within the style I have developed, knowing that I can mix and match assets from different month’s assignments.
  • BONUS: I drew four animals and decided they were too much here, so I will use them for my December Christmas theme.

I think it’s working pretty well, but I always want to learn and improve!