Trends in Room Décor for Kids

I’ve been doing a bit of research about what’s hot in kids’ room décor lately, and I finally got it in writing to share with our lovely artist community. Yup, that’s you! 

I went to the nearby malls (gasp!) and looked for everything kids. I also spent a fair amount of time with trusty Google looking up my favorite online stores.  That is pretty much where I got my information for this article. If you have something to add, I would love it! We all get better when we share.

I won’t go into clothing today, though I will write about that next. I will instead focus on decorations for kids’ rooms.

So what did I find? 

Play Houses
There were so many play houses everywhere! I had seen a lot of teepees before and a few play houses, mostly for outdoor use. I had no idea there were so many lovely designs for these, including for indoor use.  As a disclaimer, I don’t have kids, so perhaps I just didn’t now that play houses were this popular. It doesn’t really matter, they are out there, and they come in all shapes and forms!

For instance, they can be greenhouses, garden houses, real houses, you name it! I suppose they could be an alien ship or a rocket ship too! Depends on what shapes they will make :). What type of play house do you think kids would love to play in? How would they be decorated?

Allright, my overuse of exclamation points show how excited I am about these play houses. I had a play house when I was a kid, an outdoor one, with no cute decorations, probably made from green tarp material. I still remember playing there.  It was a wonderful experience. Now, we can make play houses even more amazing with our art! 

Activity Rugs

These are really fun. Many of the rugs intended to be used in kids’ rooms or play rooms had designs you could play on. For instance, they could have a small town scene with roads, and the kids can roll their cars along the roads. Alternatively, they could be an ocean scene and the kids can play with their fish toys on it. Your imagination is the limit. You could make art to license for rugs and toys!

You can see a piece of one of these rugs in the photo above.

Wall Decals
Many places are offering wall decal sets that coordinate with the rest of the room décor. These are really cool because they can be arranged by the family in a way that fits the furniture placement and open wall space. Themes can be garden, celestial, sea life, jungle, butterflies, birds, trees, or whatever beautiful thing you create.

Wall Mural Decals!
Framed wall art and posters are what I usually think of when people say “wall art”. However….. now not only do we have the decals, but we also have wall murals. These are not full wall murals or wallpaper. They are art pieces that are printed on a material that adheres to the wall. I presume these are repositionable, though I didn’t check. I’m just excited about it because some of our artists have some fabulous pieces that would look amazing as a mural piece in a kid’s room. Oh yeah!

Growth Charts

Growth charts are still very popular.  Growth charts that coordinate with the room décor are even better. Growth charts that are personalized with the child’s name are also big. Presumably to save space (?), there are some growth charts with measurements on both sides so you can track two kids’ growth on a single chart!

Organizer Cubes
Let’s face it, you don’t need kids to find organizing cubes helpful. They are decorative, and you can stuff things in there quickly and make them disappear! Instant clutter organization :).

Organizer cubes in kid’s rooms are often decorated with motifs and color schemes that coordinate with the rest of the room décor. If we have dinosaurs going, then guess what? a set of cubes with different dinosaurs would be awesome! Planets? Aliens? Trucks? Fish? Mermaids? Flamingos? Koalas? You get the idea. There is something out there for everyone.

I am now going to touch on some of the themes I saw for boys and girls. I cringe as I write this because as a girl, I wanted all of the boy stuff. No frilly pink and purple stuff for me…. However, I am writing about what the stores are carrying, so here it goes.

Boy Themes
Boy room colors were predominantly primary colors. The dark color I saw most was navy blue and sometimes gray. The subjects I saw most were: cars & trucks, farm, planets, dinosaurs, sea life, nature and jungle done in bright colors.

Girl Themes
Girl room colors were predominantly pastels. There was a lot of pink and purple. The subjects I saw most were: unicorns, princess, garden, rainbows, llamas, flowers, nature and jungle done in soft colors.

Pinterest Board
I created a Pinterest board with some of the products I mentioned above. Take a look, and if you are interested in kids’ room décor, think of what theme you would love to see on products and start designing a collection!