Tips for designing dinnerware collections

In today’s tips letter I will share a few interesting articles and ideas around the topic of designing dinnerware collections.

I just love a beautifully set table. I enjoy the challenge of achieving balance while working with color, patterns and textures. As designers, we spend a lot of time thinking of how to create a certain feel with the art we make. Today’s letter focuses on how to design interesting sets of dinnerware.

A simple google search for “how to design dinnerware” did not yield a whole lot! Hmmmmm….. Someone needs to write that book!

However, after a bit of digging, I did find a few interesting videos and articles which I found both useful and inspirational. I will share these here with you with a bit of commentary about what I thought about them.

Glucksteinhome & Lenox Partnership

Brian Gluckstein, an interior designer and guest expert in the nationally televised show Cityline, also designs a line of fine china for Lenox.  
I ran across this video where he talks about how he goes about designing the collection drawing inspiration from architecture and interiors. 

My style is much more playful and relaxed than what he shows in this video, but the design concepts still apply.  It is a very short video and I think worth watching!  After watching it, I think it is interesting to think of what your passions are and how you would take inspiration from them to create a uniquely yours set of dinnerware.

Click here to watch the video

Mix & Match China – Article by Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest wrote a piece on mix & matching china. I used to shop for old cups at antique stores. I like mix and matching them for coffee and tea. A good friend also buys beautiful glasses and sets the table with an assortment of different glasses. So how about plates? The consensus is YES! Definitely mix and match!

The designer AD featured in their article is Bunny Williams who has a few dinnerware sets with Ballard Designs. Her style is much more along the lines of what I like for more casual dining. I really enjoyed paying attention to the mix of designs which create the collection. Think about scale, white space, geometrics, organic shapes, etc. I chose two collections to highlight below. Click through all of the slides to see the variety of designs in these collections. 
Click here to read the Architectural Digest article on mix & matching china
I encourage you to click through the images of the collection to see the various designs. Each design is not terribly complicated. However
the combination of motifs works really well to create a well rounded and pleasing collection. 

International Museum of Dinnerware Design

There is even an international museum of dinnerware design! If you are anywhere near Ann Arbor Michigan, it might be worth a look! Their website is:

Anthropologie’s Dinnerware Collections

Anthropologie always has some fab artsy collections. So, it is no surprise they put on a good show in  the dinnerware market as well! Take a peek at their collections to see how they arrange them.

Anthropologie’s Dinnerware Collections

Making your Own Plates!

I have always wanted to make some outdoor plates and platters for eating out on the deck…. There is a company that makes dinnerware from your designs. I have not yet used them so I can’t vouch for their quality, but thought I’d share the link in case any of you are interested!

The company is called “You Customize It” and their plates section is here.

I hope you found today’s tips helpful and that looking through this material helps you with designing your next collection.

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