Jacqueline Kok

Jacqueline Kok is an illustrator from The Netherlands. She has a deep love for nature, which is the major inspiration for her work. Creativity has always been an important part of her life and drawing is her favourite way to capture the world around her. She loves to draw and paint subjects from nature and to show the beauty of the plant and animal kingdoms, both with realistic and with stylized drawings. As a dedicated gardener she grows many plants, both edible and for decoration and these are frequently modelling for her work.

Next to painting she likes to draw letters and illustrate quotes and enjoys seeking new quotes or recipes to illustrate.

Her work is a combination of hand-drawn artwork and digital work. She enjoys creating surface patterns from her drawings and loves seeing her work on stationary and fabric.

Artwork Featured in our Dream Collection

Allison Staffin

Allison Staffin was born with a silver crayon in her mouth and has been drawing and creating every since. Allison has always loved visiting museums, craft shows, and flea markets and collecting vintage posters, advertising art, old tins, purses, postcards, and other antique pieces. Allison lives in an 1864 farmhouse filled with an eclectic mix of her collections and home décor pieces. These passions inspire her designs.

A degree in Graphic Design and Advertising gave Allison the skills to develop a boutique design studio specializing in package design, which she ran for 20 years. She created packaging, branding, promotional materials and displays for companies such as Revlon, Liz Claiborne, L’oreal,  Twinings Tea, and others.

Her fascination with old photos and memorabilia compelled her to create a greeting card line which debuted in 2013 at the Jacob Javits Center to much acclaim. Her cards can be found in boutiques, gift shops, and museum stores.

She expanded into surface and textile designs several years ago. She has worked with major retailers and her designs will be found on shelves, walls, and floors by next winter.

Allison was recognized in 2014 by Worldwide Branding, in 2015 by Women of Distinction, and Artsy Shark in 2016.

Artwork Featured in our Dream Collection