Jacqueline Kok

Jacqueline Kok is an illustrator from The Netherlands. She has a deep love for nature, which is the major inspiration for her work. Creativity has always been an important part of her life and drawing is her favourite way to capture the world around her. She loves to draw and paint subjects from nature and to show the beauty of the plant and animal kingdoms, both with realistic and with stylized drawings. As a dedicated gardener she grows many plants, both edible and for decoration and these are frequently modelling for her work.

Next to painting she likes to draw letters and illustrate quotes and enjoys seeking new quotes or recipes to illustrate.

Her work is a combination of hand-drawn artwork and digital work. She enjoys creating surface patterns from her drawings and loves seeing her work on stationary and fabric.

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Erin Williams

Erin is a self-taught artist who creates designs fun, clean, and vibrant artwork in Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

She has over 10 years in the design industry and specializes in pattern creation, print design, and hand lettered artwork.

She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and three young kids.

Artwork Featured in our Dream Collection

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane has worked as a professional creative designer in both corporate environments and her own studio for over 15 years. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art and a Master’s degree in Textiles & Clothing, she spent the next 10 years working as a Textile Designer for several Fortune 500 companies at corporate headquarters (mostly in the Children’s market) before starting her own freelance design business, Lisa Lane Designs.

Her specialty is fun, vibrant, whimsical art, inspired predominantly by nature and animals, that makes people of all ages smile. She often combines both traditional and digital drawing & painting techniques to create unique prints and graphics that have been sold in retailers such as JCPenney, Target, Bloomingdales, Buy Buy Baby, Petco, and more.

When she’s not creating art, Lisa can be found volunteering at dog rescues, outdoors around L.A.’s beaches or hiking trails with her own rescue dog, or practicing various forms of aerial arts for fitness.

Artwork Featured in our Dream Collection