Starlene DeBord

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Coming from a family of multi-disciplined artists, Starlene DeBord always knew she would one day return to creating art, but first she spent 20+ years working in marketing and branding, creating successful campaigns for national corporations, and communication companies. Much of her marketing expertise involved designing detailed graphics, large scale displays and product-focused branding. Although her profession revolved around creating successful visual campaigns for others, her ambition was to create her own art, and to be equally successful.

Starlene’s art now is inspired by life living on a small, working farm, her active imagination, and putting to use her years spent crafting visually interesting art for others. When she isn’t sketching or painting the flora, fauna and wildlife around her, she is brainstorming new ideas to set her art apart. She gravitates toward distinctive elements, bold lines and details galore. She likes to imagine that someone seeing her art for the first time is drawn into the creation, finding something new each time the art is viewed.

When Starlene isn’t busy creating, she is happy spending time with her pets, teaching illustration on Skillshare, designing a new flower garden element, or daydreaming about the treehouse she is determined to have… one day.

Portfolio | Request Information

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