Repeat Patterns by Krystal Tarca

Based in her beautiful hometown of Petaluma California, Krystal is inspired by nature, food and gardening.  She has a fondness for quilting fabrics and has quite the collection of quilts made for her by her mother. Krystal received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration with Distinction (2008) from California College of the Arts.  She is a sign artist specializing in hand lettering, a prolific surface pattern designer and freelance artist.

Wine Harvest

These patterns are inspired by the grape harvest season, its colors, and the enjoyment of wine!

Winter Retreat & Holiday

During winter months, we search for warmth in blankets and knit hats & mittens, enjoy the holidays, and marvel at the uniqueness of each snowflake. This pattern library was inspired by such thoughts.

Birds, Flowers, and Butterflies

Everyone loves birds, flowers, and butterflies. Well, at least most do! This library of patterns pays homage to the beauty in our world.

All About Love

What’s not to love about hearts and flowers?

These are just some of the colorways available for these patterns. There are more, if you are interested in seeing them, please let us know.

If we are close, but don’t quite have what you are looking for, drop us a note! We are happy to work up variations based on your needs.

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