Artist Workshops

Guess What? We have a freebie workshop for everyone in our artist community! Everyone on our list before Nov. 18th, will receive an invitation to participate in this workshop at no charge! (sign up at the bottom of the page)

Ongoing Workshop (registration closed)

For the last three months of the year, our workshop focus will be on helping you get your best work in front of clients. Let’s finish the year with a bang & start 2021 with confidence!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!” is our brand new three month workshop intended to elevate your current portfolio offerings to fit your target market needs and to guide you in creating a market aware presentation and putting it in the hands of your ideal clients. Flip through the presentation below to learn more about it.

We hope you’ll join us!

Monthly Artist Workshops

Our artist workshop program consists of a series of workshops which artists can join to create new portfolio work based on a brief that is provided each month. The briefs contain information about the marketplace, design practices, as well as a topic to center the work around. We select our favorite pieces each month to include in our Dream Collection campaign which we publish once per month.

Monthly Workshops for 2021: Will be released on November 2020. Make sure to join our artist community below and you’ll hear all about it :).

Be Part of our Artist Community!

When you sign up to be part of our community, you will receive communication about the licensing industry, tips, trends, and information about our artist program workshops and marketing campaigns.