Jenny Goring

Jenny Goring is a fine artist and freelance illustrator based in Westminster, Colorado. Her work is cheerful and uplifting, and it focuses on the positive aspects of people and our interactions with nature and one another.

“My Art is my gift to world. It is the best tool I have found to communicate my values and empower others. By creating multi-layered artwork, I encourage the viewer to look more closely and to think about all the different experiences that combine to make us who we are. I want to promote empathy and understanding by focusing on the positive and reminding people to learn more before making judgements about others. And as always, I want to draw attention to nature, with all the joy and nourishment it provides!”

Jenny’s fine art collages are highly textured, drawing the viewer in closer to investigate hidden details. They are multi-layered both in physical form and in the meaning they invoke as she encourages us to ask more questions and have an open heart. She has exhibited her collage paintings in several galleries and art festivals in Colorado.

As an illustrator, she has created custom Illustration work for private companies in the fields of manufacturing, technology, law, energy, finance and more.  Now she is focusing on product surface design as a way to bring joy to people in their homes and everyday lives. 

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Love and Gratitude collection.

Birdhouse Collection

This new birdhouse collection is suitable for paper and fabric products.

Children’s Room Decor

Repeat Patterns




Greeting Cards

Wall Art

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