Cindy Jackson

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“Why didn’t you tell me you used to play pool in St Paul with Charles Schultz?”
Cindy’s favorite comic strip was Charlie Brown and her dad told her long after her college years of cartooning, drawing & painting that he played pool with the cartoonist. He said “Oh yeah, nice guy!”

Cindy enjoys creating illustrations and acrylic paintings that make people feel happy or laugh. She has illustrated two children’s books, “kindness Travels” and “Thank You for Your Service”. She also Illustrates rock and roll legends like the Beatles, Eric Clapton and more from her love of classic rock and roll music. Abstract is also a passion of hers because of the freedom of not always being restricted to making the paintings realistic.

Cindy has licensed many of her designs and attended several shows during her 20 year art career such as Chicago One-of-a-Kind, NYC Licensing Show, NYC Stationery Show, and Twin Cities Wine Experience.

Then the traveling bug bit her and she accepted a position as a flight attendant where she saw the world for 12 years. Cindy says that creating art and traveling enhanced her life tremendously.  She feels there is so much yet to learn about people, places, and things.

Currently, Cindy is focusing on illustration and licensing of her designs. She enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 kids, 2 grandkids, and 4 granddogs in Eden Prairie.

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