Brenda Bennett

Colorado native Brenda Bennett is a licensed artist and teacher at Colorado Free University.
She explores the cohesion of handmade papers, sprayed ink and stencils, with inspiration often coming from a hike she took or a photo she made.
Bennett is drawn to bright, vivid colors as she creates her pieces, her favorites being those that call to mind the outdoors, such as aspen trees, birds, and horses. The experience of her work is as layered as the paintings themselves: From a distance, the viewer sees the overall image she intends – and, up close, uncovers delightful surprises within the patterns, images and typography contained on individual scraps of paper. Bennett hopes for this contrast to result in curiosity and amusement, as well as to challenge assumptions about what can be seen and revealed. This contradiction is true in art, she believes, and people.
Bennett  works from a home studio, with her family and a pair of ferrets nearby. 

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