2020 Color Forecasts for Interior

Today I’m covering what I’ve learned about the color trends being forecasted for Interiors. So who exactly is influencing this sector? One of the large influencing sectors for this industry are the paint companies.

The large paint companies have published their color forecasts for interiors. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

1. Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is predicting some very soft interior colors, with a rosey color at the center of their story.
You can read more about it here. You will see how they show their “First Light” (Pink) color all over interiors. 

2. Behr

Behr’s 2020 palette is inspired by natural elements such as sky, earth, water, and plant life. Their 2020 color is their “Secret Meadow” (the green shown below). They describe it as calm, gracious, balanced. 

See their interiors photographs using these colors as well as their video here

3. Valspar

Valspar released a set of 2020 colors of the year as opposed to focusing on a single color of the year. Ummm… the others released color sets as well… maybe Valspar couldn’t decide on their favorite. No matter, they gave us some good pairings to work with.  Remember how I said I didn’t see the nature focus in the fashion colors? Well… it is definitely showing up in the interior colors. It is well paired with the desire for tranquility and wellness which was also a major theme at the international shows earlier in the year. 

Sue Kim, Valspar Color Marketing Manager at Sherwin-Williams was quoted as saying: “Earth’s prescription for the chaotic, busy lives we all live is to bring the tranquility of nature and the outdoor world into the home. That’s exactly what we set out to accomplish when forecasting the 2020 Colors of the Year.”

You can read more about it from Elle Decor here.

4. Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has some gorgeous color combinations (I warn you, there are 45 colors involved here!).  
They have grouped them into 5 color stories which they name heart, play, mantra, alive, and haven. Yes, there is something for everyone. You can read the entire report here, but I put their color combination icons below for an easy reference.

Gray and taupe dominate in the neutral space with navy and browns for the dark accents. Rose is also well represented and we see that mustard from the fashion colors sneak into the mix. The colors are mostly smoky with the exception of the play palette (the one with the dots above). Their play palette is still significantly toned down compared to the brighter energy colors we’ve seen in the past.

Can you see the color trends in the collections above? How do you think these will show up in home decor? With the desire to have everything POP in our industry, how do we design for home decor to fit these stories and still stand out? There is a lot to think about here and I welcome your opinions on the topic! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s letter on how to put this information to use.

p.s. I think next I’ll start looking at furniture and textiles to see what they are indicating. The home décor catalogs in 2019 were very BLACK! Hopefully 2020 will start introducing more color again!

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