Art Licensing Portfolios

New Art! Now Available for Licensing

During the second quarter of 2023, several artists and illustrators participated in the ALPS workshops. We challenged everyone to work on various design briefs and we are pleased to present a curated list of this work here.

Farm Inspired Art
Pollinator Inspired Art

As of this writing, the images shown in these lookbooks are available for licensing. Clients are welcome to see more in our enterprise system. Come take a peek! We have 1000’s of designs!!

Artists! Join us!

Our most comprehensive program is now here!

Do you want to create stunning portfolio items which will entice manufacturers to license your art? Do you want help creating a professional portfolio online which is searchable by potential clients? How about a community where you can ask questions about your surface designs and get feedback from your peers? Do you need help finding clients who accept art submissions? Do you want coaching and mentoring from an Agent? Do you want to learn more about licensing? We have you covered!

We’ve rolled all the goodies into a single program which guides you through creating art each month, uploading it to a professional portfolio site, and sending your submissions to companies! We also have a wonderful support program with group coaching and a Facebook group…. and this year…. we are adding new coursework to help you understand the basics of licensing, get your portfolio ready to submit to an agency, and create your very own brand book. Not only that, we added an individualized coaching component to guide you along the way. There are limited slots for this full coaching option, so read on: