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Art Directors & Buyers – Enter through this door to see our artist’s public portfolios. You may also want to browse our lookbook collections! Please contact us for private gallery access.

Artists – Enter through this door to have access to our workshops. Each month we provide a brief and an opportunity to be selected to participate in the Dream Collection.

New Art Every Month!

We are excited to present our latest collections of art available for licensing by our featured artists.

View Lookbook
View Lookbook

These last collection is inspired by the themes “The Four Seasons” and “In the Woods”. Take a look at the lookbooks to see the wonderful way these artists interpreted the briefs.

You may also browse our 2021 Workshop Gallery to see a sampling of the submitted work by various artists!

Most artists featured in this month’s collection are represented by our studio so please contact us if you want to know more.

Want to see us include your business needs in our workshops? By all means, let us know! We love designing for real-life needs.

What’s Next?

Our 2022 programs are updated and ready for you! First things first…. Learn about our method to help you gain the advantage in licensing your designs. In this competitive field, it helps to keep a few things in mind…. Learn more by signing up for our short self-paced course below:

We are also starting our first three-month long workshop using the Licensing Advantage system! Hint… we’ll be focusing on designing work for an illustrated journal!

See our current workshops here.

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