Art Licensing Portfolios

Art Licensing Portfolios (ALPs) is all about helping artists get their work licensed. We offer courses to help artists learn about licensing and provide infrastructure and techniques to make it easier for clients to find the right art for their products.

We are not a licensing agency, but we do partner with Lisa Larsen Studio who regularly selects work from this group of artists to represent. So, whether you are an artist looking to license your work, or a client looking for art for your products, we are here to assist.

The artists listed on this site have independent portfolios hosted on a searchable Artonomo PRO platform, and many who have representation agreements with Lisa Larsen Studio have additional art on the agency’s enterprise site.

Browse Artist Portfolios (Client Portal)

If you are looking for art to license, our Portfolios page will guide you there!

Hint: You can use the same email to register for all sites and then access them all through your “My Sites” Tab in Artonomo.

Artists! Join us!

Each year, we optimize our program to offer the best path forward to creating and positioning your art for licensing.

Do you want to create stunning portfolio items which will entice manufacturers to license your art? Do you want help creating a professional portfolio online which is searchable by potential clients? How about a community where you can ask questions about your surface designs and get feedback from your peers? Do you need help finding clients who accept art submissions? Do you want coaching and mentoring from an Agent? Do you want to learn more about licensing? We have you covered!

Enhance your Portfolio & Show it to the World!

We have workshops that guide you through the process of creating art each month, uploading it to a professional portfolio site, and sending submissions to companies! We know it can be hard to figure out what to create next, so we’ve come up with a process to help you get inspired and create art around topics that are in demand for licensing.

You can find these workshops on our teachable site or by clicking on the images above.

Showcase your Art

Are you ready to start submitting your work to an agency for consideration? We partner with Lisa Larsen Studio to curate artwork from artists each month for representation.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to work with an agency and throw your hat into the ring for representation. Who knows? You may just land your next contract this way!

…. Learn more about the Showcase Your Art program.

Brophy Academy Licensing Courses

To top it all off, we are now offering the Brophy Academy Licensing Series! If you are planning on licensing your work or are just getting started, we strongly recommend this foundation of knowledge. We couldn’t be more excited to offer these great courses through ALPS!

Click on the images below to learn more about the Brophy Academy Licensing Courses.

Individualized Coaching

Just one more thing…. Sometimes, we need a helping hand to guide us along. If you are looking for individualized coaching, we offer a 4-pack package with agent Lisa Larsen. The 4-pack consists of 4 quarterly sessions where you will meet with Lisa to determine a set of steps to take over the following quarter in support of your art licensing goals. The reason this is offered as a 4-pack only is that we believe in consistency and long term focus. By committing to work on your goals for a solid year and checking in once a quarter to review progress and set new objectives, you will start building the consistency needed to succeed in licensing.