Artist Workshops

Our artist program consists of a series of monthly workshops which artists can join to create and submit artwork for consideration in our quarterly Dream Collection marketing campaigns. The Dream Collection is a curated collection of art which we assemble and present to prospective clients.

We are now starting workshops for art which will be considered for the Fourth 2020 Dream Collection Marketing Campaign which will run October-December 2020.

July-September 2020 Workshop Bundle – (Register Here $39.97)

  • July: Circus, Acrobats, Vintage Bicycles, And Hot Air Balloons! 
  • August: London and Paris Travel
  • September: Shape a trend for 2021!

(Note: During this beta phase, our price for each workshop is $14.99. The price to participate in the Dream Collection Campaign (by invitation only) is $125 minus the price of the workshops you’ve participated in during this quarter).

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